Enhanced Score Report

There’s nothing worse than when a test-taker doesn’t pass the test. After weeks and months of hard work, they’re left wondering what to do next. In 2014, there’s no more wondering.

The enhanced score report from GED Testing Service provides targeted feedback for each test-taker so they know their strengths, what skills to develop, and how to score higher on their re-test.


  • Tells test-takers their score and what skills they did well on
  • Identifies the specific skills the test-taker missed on the test
  • Provides test-takers with targeted study recommendations synced to the specific skills missed and the full set of skills needed to improve a score
  • Test-takers can browse and choose from more than a dozen study materials to customize their study recommendations
  • One-click access to synced study materials available in print and online
  • Report developed with GED® test-takers to meet their needs for information, specific feedback, and clear language
  • Full report available within 3 hours of testing on all content areas
  • Included as part of the 2014 GED® test and GED Ready™: The Official Practice Test

Enhanced Score Report Tutorial

Score Report Tutorial ImageWatch this video on the redesigned Enhanced Score Report, so you know what to expect when working with your students.