Adult Education Distance Learning Survey Results

Distance learning is a hot topic among GED® educators. More than 600 teachers and education coordinators responded to a GED® survey on the topic within 24 hours of receiving it in February, with 81% indicating they have lost students due to scheduling and logistics issues.

A blended learning model, of in-classroom and distance education, is a desired option for most educators that responded to the survey, as they see it increasing engagement and persistence with some of these students​.

One Georgia educator stated that “I foresee distant learning as the future of all education.” 50% of educators responded that they are delivering supplementary education through distance learning today, with another 21% indicating that they would like to have the option to provide distance learning options, but don’t have the ability to do so today.

Educators expressed interest in supplementary distance learning for GED® prep in the areas of Math (79%), RLA (73%) and test-taking strategies (69%).

A Texas teacher added that, “I see distance learning used in conjunction with classes, and that students who have scheduling conflicts can utilize it to aid them with work they miss in class.”

When educators were asked what their greatest hopes for distance learning were, we received passionate responses about the importance of distance learning to a student’s success, with some unique ideas about how it could be designed:

An Arizona educator foresees distance learning would be most successful if, “There would be a way to incorporate things like Google Hangout where students could participate in a virtual way, with others, similar to live streaming a church service.”

“Make it mobile!” adds an education director from Nebraska.

A Michigan educator stated that “My greatest hope for distance learning is that it will help people who are unable to attend class on a regular basis get their GED® (credential​​)​

GED Testing Service® will be using educator insights to work with publisher partners ​to identify more solutions for distance learning that can fulfill the promise of a GED® credential to students who struggle with class attendance.

–Jane Bledsoe, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

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