Big Changes To The GED® Test Score Levels

Did you hear about the recent scoring enhancements to the GED® test?

On January 26, 2016, we announced some enhancements to the GED® test performance levels. These enhancements are recommendations that each state will determine whether to accept, and most states have already implemented these changes. Here’s a recap of the scoring change and performance level enhancements.

What are the changes?

  • The GED® passing score is now 145 instead of 150
  • We are introducing two optional score levels: GED® College Ready (165-174) and GED® College Ready + Credit (175-200). These replace the previous GED® with Honors score level.
  • GED Ready® practice test score levels have been updated to reflect the new passing score so they’ll continue to predict performance on the operational test

Why were these changes made?

These enhancements are the latest demonstration of our ongoing commitment to make data-based decisions, and continually improve the efficacy of the GED® program to benefit adult learners. The performance level enhancements are driven by a detailed analysis of educational outcomes of GED® program graduates compared to high school graduates over the past 18 months.

Our initial outcomes data show that GED® graduates are performing as well as, and in many instances outperforming, high school graduates in terms of not needing remediation when entering postsecondary programs. And we have coupled that data with extensive analyses of test-taker performance data, conversations with state policymakers and elected officials, and external validation.

Based on these detailed analyses, the GED® program can now measure the full spectrum of a typical graduating high school class – ranging from those who meet the minimum requirements to those demonstrating college readiness, and those who may even earn college credits during high school. The GED® testing performance levels now reflect this range of skills and performance.

When do these changes go into effect?

The timeline for these changes depend on what state you’re in. In most states, the new passing score went into effect on January 26, 2016, and will be applied retroactively to all test-takers since January 1, 2014. However, keep in mind that:

  • While the new passing scores are in effect, you and your students won’t see these changes reflected in MyGED® until March 1.
  • We’ve already updated the GED Ready® practice test with the new score levels as of January 26.
  • Depending on where you live, some states need more time before these changes go into effect. Find out the status of your state’s adoption of the recommendations here.
  • Updated transcripts will be available after March 1. Since states administer their own transcripts and diplomas, when items are available will vary by state.

For more information and details (including educator and test-taker FAQs, recorded webinar for educators about the changes, flyers, adoption status by state, and more) visit the scoring change and performance level enhancements page.


  1. How long will it take for California to make these changes? Is there a time frame that I can be sharing with a student who would now have 1 subject passed.

      1. If I score more than a passing score on one test does that help me in another test subject that I scored below passing?

    1. Dear sir ,we are welcoming many students to – GED ,but as a teaching center – can we get some notifications on update .We hope GED authority will expose more stability- so that ,the total chain system would not get ambrassed in front of customers/students,because we just have started popularizing this GED in bd- actually we need informative supports to involve mass people- Tanvir int’l college.uttara,Dhaka.Thank you sir.

  2. Can you please set up and post a small score card and test timings card. I would like something small to refer to, when asked what do I need to pass and how long is this test.

  3. What does the GED College Ready status earn a student? How can I learn more about the GED+ College Credit score level?

    1. You can log into your MyGED account at and your score report will be updated with your new passing status if it has changed.

    1. Hi Herlyn. New Jersey has not announced their decision yet. They have not indicated when they will do so. Thank you for writing. -JP

  4. Hi GED testing service, I have sent an email to regarding the score changes, but yet still no response. Why is South Africa not 145 to pass? I was with “DANTES” and it was 145 to pass, but I had to change from “DANTES” to “International” due to “DANTES” not being available, so because it’s now changed to “International” my score is back to 150?

    1. What I mean to say is, because it is now changed to “International” my pass score is back to 150 when it was 145 with “DANTES”

  5. Hi, I recently took the RLA and the social studies ged test in NJ and did not pass. I’m planning on moving to Florida. If I transfer my scores to florida once I move will this score change take effect as passing or would I have to retake the tests all over again?

  6. hi i havent taking my GED yet, i take it next week. i just wanted to know on the essay part do we write what we want or do they pick one for uss.

  7. I passed 3 out of the 5 subjects. Did my scores get wiped out when he passed this to where I have to retake all subjects

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