Preview Test Questions Using This New Student Tool

There’s a new, free tool that gives students a better idea of the types of questions they’ll need to answer correctly to pass the GED® test.

The GED® Test Question Preview is an interactive tool that takes a look at five sample GED® test questions across all four test subjects. Every question included is at the approximate difficulty level that is required to earn the minimum 145 passing score for High School Equivalence.

The tool does not include any questions that measure college- and career-readiness skills needed to score at a higher level on the GED® test.

Students can either:

Start using this tool today to build students’ confidence and see whether your students are comfortable answering high school equivalency-level questions!


  1. Hello, my name is Mildred and I’m 50-years old I’m looking for a GED course class or online for people my age group. can anyone help thank you so much

    1. Hi Mildred – to find an adult education program near you, set up a free account at You can visit the “Study” section and search by your location to find a center near you.

    2. HI Gloria
      I don’t know where you live however in Jacksonville Fl area. I’m apart of an excellent GED program, where it’s taught no matter what age.

    3. There are four schools for adults in Chula Vista, CA. All offer GED classes, among others, in English and Spanish. Classes are held all day allowing students who work and have different schedules to attend without any problems.

    1. Hi Vesta – you can find many student tools that will help you study for the GED test at Create an account today if you haven’t already and explore the “study” section to find more resources.

    1. Hi Phyllis. You’ll find many tools to help you study for the GED test at Create an account today if you haven’t already and explore the “study” section to find what you’re looking for. Best wishes! -JP

  2. The GED gives students who didn’t complete secondary school the opportunity to acquire their secondary school equivalency accreditation. Alongside guaranteeing secondary school level scholarly aptitudes, the new test is particularly intended to gauge vocation status abilities and in addition school availability skills.

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