Quiz: Are You A GED® Test Expert?

Test your knowledge about the GED® test! Take this quiz to see how many of these frequently asked questions you can get correct.

How many did you get correct? Tell us in the comments section below.



  1. It didn’t receive a percentage score on the GED expert quiz. Each time you hit the next question button, you end up getting questions that you have already answered. That needs to be changed.

  2. I got 10 out of 12 because my students seem not to miss the content standard but have problems comprehending what is really being asked when answering in the narrative. It is also my experience that Spanish students work harder and with more zeal and do not score lower as an average in my classes. Thanks so much and this was really great information. I appreciate it so much.

  3. “Sorry, this content is no longer available.”

    Looks like QZZR, the platform you used to make the quiz, isn’t free anymore, and they deleted all the quizzes that people made with free plans. Kinda lame, if you ask me.

    Wonder if there’s another platform you can use to share the quiz….

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